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Face paints are used often in carnivals, theatre and birthday celebrations. And the essence of these paints is to ignite a sense of fun, where participants who apply this paints do so to share their personality with the world. Take for example a football match is going on. Usually, supports paint their face in their teams’ colors to show support and add a little spice of personality into their costume.

Now there are several brands over the years that have delivered exceptional quality paints to their users. These brands have high reputation among the youths and theatre community because of the important roles the face painting plays in their lifestyle. In the list below, I will discuss on my best 5 brands for face painting. These brands are my personal best and so I am not in any way bias in my selection process.

1. Snazaroo: snazaroo face paints ranks first on my list as a result of the growing number of attention it has gotten over the years. It specializes in children with products and their products are known to have the highest standard of quality as well as safe with no harmful chemicals. The following brands also have a high reputation among the face painiting community.

2. DiamondFX

3. Mehron/Paradise

4. TAG Body Art

5. Kryolan

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